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Wendy Lourenco, founder of Guiding Light Senior Care

About Guiding Light Senior Care

Guiding Light Senior Care, serving Tucson, Green Valley, and Oro Valley, AZ was created through the vision of Wendy Lourenco. During her many years of caregiving and working in medical services, the one thing that stood out the most to her was that there are not enough true care professionals in the world. What does that mean exactly? According to Wendy, it means that too many times, when it is time to place our loved ones in a care facility, there isn’t enough love provided to the individual or the family – before, during, and after the transition. Wendy set out to change that and to provide a service that creates an experience that reduces anxiety and fear and makes the move into elderly care as easy as possible.

Wendy has worked in the medical care field for nearly two decades. In that time she has had the great fortune to work with special needs individuals, of all ages, as well as with elderly patients. In fact, it was early in her life, when helping with her grandmother that she first realized that these patients sometimes aren’t getting the love that they deserve. She truly has a passion for working with aging adults and their care and wellbeing bring her great joy.

Wendy is the loving mother of four children and is very successful at finding time to juggle soccer practice, football practice, church, and school functions, and still is always able to find time to make sure her clients’ needs are looked after. She will be the first to admit that her experience in raising four children helps her to understand how to bring better care to her clients. She truly believes that if you treat your clients with absolute love like you would your children, you can’t go wrong.

Her professional career as an elderly caregiver has allowed her to work in many homes and care clinics in many roles, from front desk manager to office manager, to facility manager. Wendy is a certified caregiver in the state of Arizona as well as a certified nutrition specialist. She also is a certified adult adviser and certified nursing assistant.

Guiding Light Senior Care is a child company of SmallStart Ventures, Inc., and is licensed to do business in the state of Arizona. SmallStart Ventures, Inc. is a public benefit company that focuses on creating, growing, and divesting small businesses.

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