Medication Management

Medication assistance and administration for Seniors in the Tuscan area.

As people get older, often they find themselves with several prescription medications in order to manage the complications that arise from aging. Many seniors find themselves confused and overwhelmed by the amount of medication they need to take, and they run an increased risk of not taking medications that can help with their health and quality of life.


At Guiding Light Senior Care, we believe that developing a well-structured plan for elderly medication management is essential to providing excellent care and quality of life to seniors. With our elder care programs, we are wholly dedicated to providing your loved ones with organized and reliable medication management. 

Why Taking Medications Can Be Challenging For Seniors

Taking medication is a normal part of aging, whether it’s prescribed medication for chronic conditions like high blood pressure and liver or kidney disease, or even over-the-counter medications like pain relievers for arthritis. However, taking medication as prescribed by a primary care physician can be difficult for seniors.

A few of the primary challenges that seniors face with their medication management include:

  • Being overwhelmed by many medications
  • Memory loss
  • Poor eyesight
  • Poor understanding of what the medication does
  • Side effects or drug interactions
  • “Hoarding” medication past expiration dates

How Guiding Light Can Help

We serve the Tuscan area, which means we’re in constant contact with doctors and pharmacies in the area and act as geriatric advocates for those in our care. Whether seniors are in a 55+ community, being cared for at home, or still living independently, we’re able to provide the care and regularity needed for medication management. 

Medication safety is our primary concern. Our team of professionals knows that accuracy is critical when it comes to dosing instructions; whether that includes once or twice a day, before meals or after – rest assured every detail will be closely monitored. 


We are also aware of potential side effects or drug interactions that may occur. We will discuss options with doctors or pharmacists in order to find the perfect solution to ensure your loved ones are receiving care for their health conditions while still maintaining their quality of life. 


We take pride in keeping track of all the parts so your family can trust us for your loved ones’ medications each time.

Here are a few more ways we help:


Oftentimes, people can get confused over what their medication is for, and in some cases don’t even know what they’re taking. We help seniors understand the purpose of their medications, when to take them, and how to safely store them for their health and others. And, of course, we ensure every medication is taken as prescribed by a health care professional.

Pill Boxes

We offer a convenient service of filling pill boxes for our elderly clients. By grouping their pills together for them, we make it easier to manage daily doses and enable them to stay on track with their medication regimens. This also reduces the possibility of “pill hoarding” and ensures that our clients receive all the medications they need and none of the ones they don’t.

Doctor Coordination

We stay in contact with our clients’ doctors, both to let them know of any potential side effects from new medications as well as to keep up with any changes in their prescription or treatment plan depending on their health conditions.

Pharmacy Contact

We stay on top of refill requests from the pharmacy and always make sure that our patients have the medication they need without any lapses. No more having to remember refill dates or pick-up, because we take care of both.

Medication management for older adults can be difficult, especially for those who have not had health problems or regular medication for most of their life. This can be stressful for loved ones, who know the dangers that can arise from prescription mismanagement.

But with Guiding Light, seniors no longer have to worry about remembering to take their medication or feeling as though they don’t need it. And you can rest easy knowing that your loved ones are being taken care of to ensure they live out their golden years to the fullest.

We’ll Be Your Lighthouse

Much like how sailors have to navigate treacherous waters, caring for your elderly loved ones can feel like you’re fighting against the tide. That’s why it’s our mission to offer a light in the darkness to guide you to the best destination. 

Guiding Light Senior Care is here to be your lighthouse, illuminating the path for families navigating the challenging journey of finding the perfect geriatric care options. We know the emotional turbulence that can come from making these decisions–that’s why we pride ourselves on being a beacon of trust and reliability.

Our goal is to help you understand what the best options are for you or your loved one, whether that is living independently at home, with supervision, or assisted living in a facility. After our initial assessment, we follow up with regular visits to ensure our clients receive the most important necessities, including proper medical supervision, physical comforts and activities, proper nutrition and diet. Your loved one’s comfort, health, and overall well being is at the forefront of Guiding Light’s mission. 

Close up image of an older woman and younger woman holding hands

Wendy’s Story

I want to be the Guiding Light that helped navigate whatever storm has come your way.

Guiding Light Senior Care was created through the vision of Wendy Lourenco. During her many years of caregiving and working in the medical field, the one thing that stood out the most to her was that there are not enough true caregivers in the world. She truly has a passion for working with aging adults and their care and wellbeing bring her great joy.

We know more than anyone that navigating the healthcare system can be difficult. We’re here to help with that process, whatever that may look like, with a team of experienced, loving staff that is here to support you wherever you are on you or your loved one’s health journey.

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