Home Safety Evaluations

Home is Where the Heart Is

Many seniors want to continue living at home as they get older for a variety of reasons. For some, it’s the place they’ve lived for decades and have raised their families in. For others, it’s a dream home that they were finally able to purchase after they retired. 


But while they may love their home, it might not be as safe as it should be–especially for those struggling with balance, coordination, or eyesight troubles. Falls are the leading cause of injury among adults aged 65+, with the Center for Disease Control (CDC) estimating that 1 in 4 older adults suffer from falls each year.

We want our aging loved ones to be safe, but moving seniors to a retirement home isn’t the only option! Our Tuscan-based team works with seniors in our area to help them stay in the comfort of their beloved homes for as long as possible. 

That’s why we offer home safety evaluations to find what can be done to prevent falls and other safety issues among elderly people, as well as provide peace of mind for them and their family members. Like a lighthouse, Guiding Light Senior Care helps seniors stay safe and secure in their own homes for as long as possible.

What Are Home Safety Evaluations?

Home safety evaluations are assessments that evaluate the home environment of a senior to determine if it is suitable for them and safe. One of our home safety advisors will come to inspect every part of the home to see if there are any potential fall risks, as well as to check the lighting, fire, and electrical safety of the home.

Regardless of whether your elderly loved one is wishing to remain at home as long as possible or if he’s ready to move into Senior Care, Guiding Light stands ready to provide guidance and support along the way. We take the utmost care in reducing fall risks and fire hazards, as well as other areas that may impact senior home safety.

A few of the recommendations we may make include:

  • Installing handrails in bathrooms
  • Providing non-slip mats and grab bars in showers
  • Installing raised toilet seats
  • Making changes to make it easier to move from room to room, including changing furniture location and installing easier-to-use light switches
  • Recommending senior care services (e.g., home health aides or other senior care professionals

If we do find any losses in the above areas, that increases the risk of injury in the home. We would then label the home as an unhealthy “patient & environment mismatch” and may suggest a move to an assisted living facility in order to maintain safety and quality of life for the elderly person we’re evaluating

Who Benefits From a Home Safety Evaluation?

Every senior can benefit from a home safety evaluation, even if they feel there’s no need for it now. While 90% of seniors plan to age at home, 85% have done nothing to make their home suitable for aging-related mobility and health troubles. If older adults start planning ahead, they can avoid falls and other safety issues before they’re an actual problem.

In addition to checking the home itself, we also find it essential to assess a patient’s physical and cognitive state, their physical functioning ability, as well as available social support. This benefits the patient as much as the home inspection, since it can give them an insight over whether they should be living alone or if they should pursue other options.

We look for losses in these fundamental aspects:

  • Physical 
  • Cognitive
  • Functional
  • Social

Emergency Plans

No matter what we find in our home safety assessment, it is essential to have an emergency plan in place. In the worst case scenario, we want to be there to ensure we can guide you through it.

Guiding Light Senior Care can help you develop and review a tailored plan that addresses the individual’s needs and preferences on how they want to be cared for in the case of an emergency. This plan can include action steps, contact information, instructions on preferred health care providers, and details about the medication they take.

We’ll Be Your Lighthouse

Much like how sailors have to navigate treacherous waters, caring for your elderly loved ones can feel like you’re fighting against the tide. That’s why it’s our mission to offer a light in the darkness to guide you to the best destination. 

Guiding Light Senior Care is here to be your lighthouse, illuminating the path for families navigating the challenging journey of finding the perfect geriatric care options. We know the emotional turbulence that can come from making these decisions–that’s why we pride ourselves on being a beacon of trust and reliability.

Our goal is to help you understand what the best options are for you or your loved one, whether that is living independently at home, with supervision, or assisted living in a facility. After our initial assessment, we follow up with regular visits to ensure our clients receive the most important necessities, including proper medical supervision, physical comforts and activities, proper nutrition and diet. Your loved one’s comfort, health, and overall well being is at the forefront of Guiding Light’s mission. 

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Wendy’s Story

I want to be the Guiding Light that helped navigate whatever storm has come your way.

Guiding Light Senior Care was created through the vision of Wendy Lourenco. During her many years of caregiving and working in the medical field, the one thing that stood out the most to her was that there are not enough true caregivers in the world. She truly has a passion for working with aging adults and their care and wellbeing bring her great joy.

We know more than anyone that navigating the healthcare system can be difficult. We’re here to help with that process, whatever that may look like, with a team of experienced, loving staff that is here to support you wherever you are on you or your loved one’s health journey.

See What Our Customers Have to Say


“Wendy is the most wonderful and conscientious health provider and very, very dependable. She is very intelligent and very attentive to my needs. If I had my way, I would vote her ‘health provider of the year’. Wendy was so helpful in helping me find a facility. I couldn’t have done it without her. She is very particular and good at her job. She is also very good at making sure my medical appointments are scheduled and helping me with my prescriptions. Wendy has never failed at anything she has taken on where I am concerned.”

– Von


“Wendy calls her company ‘Guiding Light’, and she provides that through the entire complex process of finding a place for your loved one. Wendy is with you 100% of the way..finding options, touring facilities, selecting the right place, even helping with moving in, and visiting your loved one afterward to ensure everything is going well. Wendy is not there for a commission; she is invested in guiding you and your loved one to a place that will be successful for everyone. Wendy is amazing, and I wholeheartedly recommend her!”

– Ellen

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