Specialized Senior Care Services

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What Services Does Guiding Light Provide?

Senior Living Placement Assistance​

We provide comprehensive assistance with finding the perfect senior living solutions, helping you ensure your loved ones live a safe and comfortable lifestyle.

Click below to learn more about senior living placement options and how Guiding Light can help find the right fit your loved one.

Senior Care Advocacy​

Guiding Light Senior Care takes pride in the quality of care that our clients receive, not only from us, but from the communities that we help to place them in. Therefore, during the first three months of their placement, we randomly drop by to visit with our clients. We do this unannounced to make sure that we see your loved one in the environment and conditions that they are experiencing normally. We keep you updated and informed on conditions of both your loved one and the environment from the observation that we gain from these visits.

Families may request more frequent or regularly scheduled visits for a small additional fee. Please ask one of our associates for further details.

Home Safety Evaluations

A home senior health evaluation includes a comprehensive plan for senior care, taking into account any unique needs and capabilities of the senior. This can include strategies to help prevent falls, such as installing handrails in bathrooms and providing nonslip mats in showers. It also involves recommendations for changes that make it easier to move from room to room, such as furniture placement and lighting. An elderly caregiver evaluation will also help determine the senior’s need for additional senior care services, including home health aides or other senior care professionals.

Personalized Needs Assessments

Each client or a close family member will receive a needs assessment by one of our professional placement specialists. This assessment helps us to understand and identify the needs of our clients and also their desires. When dealing with aging adults and the effects that major housing or health care changes can bring, it is critical to understand your loved one and what their current condition is. This helps our placement specialist to offer the best solutions and give you the confidence that you are making the right choices for your loved one’s well being.

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Hospital-to-Home Support

Here at Guiding Light Senior Care Management, we take great pride in our pioneering approach to elder care. From hospital-to-home transitions to admission/discharge procedures – you can trust that all aspects of your loved one’s transition will be taken care of with utmost attention and consideration. Your home will be outfitted specifically for their needs so they feel right at home!

Medication Management

Developing a well-structured plan for administering medication is essential to providing excellent care to elderly adults.

At Guiding Light Senior Care, we are dedicated to providing seniors with organized and reliable medication management. Accuracy is critical when it comes to dosing instructions; whether that includes once or twice a day, before meals or after – rest assured every detail will be closely monitored. We take pride in keeping track of all the parts so your family can trust us for their loved ones’ medications each time.

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Financial Review and Planning Service

Approaching the golden years of life can be an intimidating experience for both you and your parents. With so many factors to keep in mind when caring for a senior, it’s understandable if you feel overwhelmed.

At Guiding Light, we are committed to helping you make the most informed decision regarding financial planning and senior-age matters. Our expert advice and guidance make organizing your thoughts more peaceful than ever.

And many other services...

We provide 24/7 on-call support, hospital-to-home support, and financial review and planning. Our services are designed to give you peace of mind that your loved one is in good hands.

At Guiding Light, We Really Care

Guiding Light Senior Care stands out as the preeminent provider of elderly care in Tucson, Arizona. Our comprehensive services are tailored to each person’s individual needs, enabling us to create custom-made solutions for all those we cater to.

We’re always here with our services when needed to provide senior care management support. We work hand in hand with families, guardians, and medical facilities so that our clients’ demands are met promptly and proficiently.

You Deserve the Best in Senior Care​